About G.S.Davis
Guy (G.S.) Davis was born in Houston Texas in the early 70s.  In high school, Guy was bitten by the artistic bug and hasn't looked back since.  In the early 90s, he wrote a comic called "Michiko's Angel" for a local magazine and his career was off!  Since then, he has run three successful webcomics.
He has been working in 3D animation since 1993 and got a degree in Animation in 2005. He has worked in Lightwave, Maya, 3DS and 3DSMax, Cinema4D, Poser and Daz Studio.
In 2000, Guy started the comic "Springs" about an ensemble cast of robots on an alien planet.  Intending to sell this comic to the comic Syndicates, he prepped the comics and sent them off.

Springs saw a resurgence in 2013 when Guy began to run it online as a webcomic. Since then he has recently started a new webcomic called "Witches of Flame". 

Guy works from his home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the Denver Metro Area where he does photography as well as draws his web comics.
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